Sunday, February 05, 2006

Duckie - Keeping The Faith

On Friday I attended yet another Duckie one-off special event; this time it was a rather more cultured and sedate affair at Tate Britain. Called Duckie: KEEP the FAITH it was themed around religion and art and also featured more gay vicars than you could shake a stick at! Apparently it was part of the Tate's Late At Tate Britain series of events, which happens on the first Friday of each month and where the doors are kept all evening for special events such as this.

It sounded like an interesting thing on the face of it, but it didn't quite work for me. I seemed to spend quite a lot of time wandering aimlessly around looking for something interesting to do or see. I don't think the layout really helped either - it mainly took place in a single large long hall, divided into sections. The bar area was in the middle section, with the stage at the end; unfortunately this meant that you could hear the general hubbub from the bar whilst you were trying to watch something on the stage, so unless you were quite close to the front the stage performer was difficult to hear. I did at least get close to the front when Tommy Angel took to the stage; he is a "Gospel Magician" - so lots of hellfire, brimstone and flames. Once he got going, I actually realised I'd seem him before, at the Duckie event in Bexhill last year.

Other random observations and findings of the night:
1) Gay vicars tend to be posh and cultured
2) The drinks were bloody expensive
3) I kept seeing people I was sure I recognised but not from Duckie or The Retro
4) I am not the only person who struggles to record digital TV channels
5) Toby looks very different with a beard
6) The cake ran out too soon
7) I got home in time for Footballers' Wives Extra Time
8) I want to go to the Tate's forthcoming Gothic Nightmares exhibition


Anonymous Toby Ray said...

I presume by different you mean 'wildly handsome'

Sun Feb 05, 10:21:00 pm  
Blogger Dogdriller said...

I thought it was better to leave it at that.

Mon Feb 06, 06:09:00 am  

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