Thursday, January 19, 2006

Normal Service Resumed

After a rather extended break from blogging I can now finally confirm that both fridge and TV have been safely delivered. With the fridge, John Lewis were of course a paragon of customer service, but Comet still managed to leave me biting my nails with the TV, as the clock passed 5pm and the promised “between 12-6” delivery still hadn’t happened. But deliver they did and thankfully got everything right. And having successfully received my goods, I was finally able to fill in the email survey they sent me, asking for my opinion on their level of customer service - rather brave of them I think.

I had rather naively assumed that the TV stand I had also bought would come ready to use, but no, it was flat-packed for self-assembly. So first I had to spend half an hour sorting all the bits into the same order as on the checklist (I do these things properly, me) and then slotting it all into place. Not too difficult as it turned out, then I was finally able to get the TV out of its (bloody huge) box and connect it all up – and wonders never cease, it all worked!

So I have now gone from having 5 channels at my disposal to about 50. And I have one thing to say: isn’t the output on the extra digital channels complete and utter shit ? Repeats ad nauseum, shopping channels, quiz channels. I think the only thing I have watched for any length of time thus far is Celebrity Big Brother Live. I was really looking forward to Tittybangbang, the “seriously funny” new BBC Three comedy sketch show. Well, it’s about as funny as a 7-year-old who has learned to say ‘fuck’ for the first time and as annoying too. And for this I shelled out a grand. Hmmmm. On the plus side, having BBCi will no doubt pay dividends come June 26th and the start of Wimbledon fortnight. Apparently you can choose whichever match you want to watch from a choice of several. In a stunning feat of forward planning, I have already booked the first two days off work!

Meanwhile, in other news, myself, Ian & Doug won the “What’s On DJ Lush’s iPod” quiz on Tuesday, and not only that but Doug picked the money too. Not a huge amount, but still, mustn’t grumble about £17 each. And it could have been much, much worse – hanging up behind the bar, presumably as booby prizes, were….. dog calendars. Cheap-looking dog calendars at that, probably hand-plucked from the Superdrug bargain bins or something.


Blogger Gareth said...

You could have saved yourself a grand and asked me I would have told you how shite the other channels were.

Fri Jan 20, 05:14:00 pm  

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