Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year New Form

The optimism in my previous post seems to have be slightly over-egged...seems like we have left our form back in 2005 as we crashed 0-3 at home to Preston today. Even more annoyingly, had we won, we would have shot up to 6th place, ie a play-off place. Still never mind, plenty of season left to make up ground, and maybe we'll knock West Ham out of the cup on Saturday too.

New Year's Eve at Duckie was I have to say rather uneventful; apart from the fact it was in a different venue, it didn't really feel that much more special or unique than a normal Duckie, apart from the Wifes lurching towards "gay disco classics" (Sylvester, Donna Summer) rather too often - presumably keeping in mind that the mix of punters was a bit different, lots of people I'd never seen at Duckie before. From reading Chelsea's blog, I have discovered that the two Pete Burns-esque Duckie trannies are called Gina Love and Maur. I had a brief conversation with one of them at the bar (about the veggie burgers which were on offer), but I don't know which one is which so if anyone could let me know who's who I'll be eternally grateful. They really should have their own website!

Been splashing out again; after ordering a new telly last week, I've now also ordered a new fridge. Getting slightly worried; with all these new appliances on the way, surely something is bound to go wrong, either with the delivery or the goods themselves somewhere along the way?


Blogger redhairedqueer said...

This one's Gina

Wed Jan 04, 12:37:00 am  
Blogger Gareth said...

I agree with Mark still difficult to say which is which from that photo.

Wed Jan 04, 05:52:00 pm  

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