Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Crimestopper !

I am proud to report that last night I was instrumental in preventing a felony at the Retro Bar. OK, it wasn't exactly going to be Crime Of The Century, nor did I have to use any Phil Mitchell techniques of restraint; nevertheless there is still the warm, fuzzy feeling of having done my bit. Now on the wall of the men's loos above the washbasin is a poster (framed for some reason) advertising a gay men's self-esteem workshop run by PACE. I have always noticed this advert because it features photos of 4 happy, smiling gay men who look like their self-esteem has been sent soaring through the roof as a result of attending the course; of these 4, one I actually know from OUT, one I recognise also from OUT (though have never actually met or spoken to him) and a third is a personal trainer at my gym. None of this is actually relevant however....

The story goes thus: when I walked into the loo, there was a man standing at the washbasin. Nothing unusual about that of course, and at first I paid him no attention. A second or two later however, there was a noise of something being clumsily dropped into the sink. Turns out it was the advert, which had been removed from the frame. So judging by his now jumpy state, it seemed the man had been interrupted in the process of trying to nick the advert, which seemed even more likely as he rushed out of the loo in an incredibly flustered way. You must admit, it's not the usual kind of gay-man-misbehaving-in-public-toilet story!

Oh yes, and there was the quiz too. All about mash-ups, done very cleverly by the quiz setter. We got a very high score, but didn't win because a Readers' Wife was also present and they know everything. And they walked off with the not-insubstantial cash kitty. Bugger.


Blogger Gareth said...

Of course my knowledge of Beyonce and Outkast did help us get a decent score

Thu Nov 17, 10:20:00 pm  

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