Sunday, October 30, 2005

Back To Basics

Spent a quietly pleasant evening in the Retro Bar last night, where Ian was making his debut as a DJ one their "Back To Basics" Saturday evening. Not sure why it's called that, when it just seems to be another way of saying "we have a DJ playing music from 8-11pm" just like they have for the past x number of years. Anyway, Ian played his usual dependably good set, made even better by the fact that I choose a few tracks, particularly towards the end, a bit like putting a dash of mustard into a rich cheese sauce to give that extra bit of zing :) And it was also nice and relaxing spending the evening sitting comforatably in a chair (and the posh one that looks like a throne at that) rather than standing and/or jumping about at Duckie. So much more gentle on these old bones.

I can't believe how warm it is at the moment though. Not just mild, but freakish. When I got home last night it was 18C - almost unheard of for a midnight in late October. And when I went out this lunchtime it had gone up to an early-summerish 20C. Apparently we are 66% likely to have a colder-than-average winter this year. Not sure where it is at the moment though.

I can't believe Norwich lost AGAIN.


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