Saturday, November 05, 2005


The past 5 days have got to have the most boring week at work ever. I'm stuck in that in-between stage where one bit of work has finished and I'm waiting the next meaty bit to start. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to actually *go* to work at this time, I could instead spend my days doing some enjoyable things elsewhere, but obviously, no such luck. Therefore it's been a case of spending most of the time waiting for the day to end, as Brian Molko once sang.

Still I shouldn't complain. During the first half of the year, when I was working on 2 projects simultaneously and having to assist on a 3rd from time to time, I would have been more than grateful for a bit of quiet time. Why is the workload never evenly distributed ? Anyway, it gave me time to think about about doing some dreaded home DIY, hence tomorrow I am dragging myself of to my local Homebase to try and get some stuff to make my bedroom look better. This was the one room I never got round to doing the last time the DIY bug bit (2.5 years ago!), and I have started to get sick of looking at it and thinking how shabby it looks and how it could really do with a good going over.

I need to get some of that gunk that you use to fill in a crack (in the wall, not *that* sort!!!), some wallpaper seam glue (the previous owners having covered the walls with some of that paper you then paint over) plus some emulsion matchpots to try and decide what colour to paint the walls. I've got a feeling I bought the wrong new curtains a few weeks ago....I'm not sure what will go with (or perhaps, not clash too much) with both these and the carpet. And being quite lazy, I'm only interested in that paint that you only need to apply one coat of, which restricts my choice even more. Am I bovvered though ? Face-bovvered ?


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