Monday, November 14, 2005


Well yesterday I finally got round to at least starting the painting of my bedroom. Make no mistake, a good tough workout in the gym is a walk in the park compared to the agony that is decorating. All that climbing up and down step-ladders, bending and stretching etc to paint those hard-to-reach corners...I felt like I'd been hit by a bus when I woke up this morning. Admittedly I didn't help myself by refusing to move my bed, thus rendering the most difficult-to-paint area also the most inaccessible. Hence extra climbing, bending, stretching whilst probably contravening every Health & Safety regulation in the book. At least I didn't tip the paint all over the carpet. Also, the colour has turned out to be a bit more.....pastel than I was expecting. Botanic, they call it. With one-and-a-bit walls left to paint, I have a horrible feeling I've made my bedroom look like a lady's bedroom.

Meanwhile, in other news, I went to the monthly Club Le Strange comedy night last Thursday, for the first time since June. And I have to say, it was the most disappointing one yet. Whilst I do love Gary's unique take on the early 80s New Romantic/Electronica/Futurist/Blitz Kids/Cult-With-No-Name genres, this time, there was a feeling of having seen it all before. And the other acts in the show were frankly, crap. As a result, the very final one, involving a man doing karate whilst wearing just a self-opening kimono and a jockstrap with his testicles hanging out, briefly became The Funniest Thing Ever. As if we'd crammed a whole evening's worth of laughs into five minutes.


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