Friday, November 25, 2005

Proper Cold !

At last, we have having a prolonged spell of decent cold weather. Obviously there are many weeks left, but maybe the Met Office's prediction of a colder than average winter will come true. Although I always think "the colder the better" the weather we've been having is actually about right for me - about 6-8C by day, and around freezing by night. In the past couple of days it's actually got even chillier - I'm not sure I want this to go on if it means I have to start worrying about burst pipes or other cold-weather-related things going wrong in my flat. Sometimes I think life was so much easier before being a homeowner!!

Meanwhile, in other news, my mum came for her annual visit last weekend. We went for a vegan meal at the Vita Organic restaurant on Finchley Road last Friday evening and spent Saturday morning looking round the shops, and the afternoon at the Science & Natural History Museums. As well as all the usual exhibits inside, they also had an ice rink and mini-market outside. Interesting fact: The big dinosaur skeleton in the main hall of the NHM has been there 100 years! 2nd interesting fact: The dog that lives in the flat downstairs did not seem to like my mum at all, and got very upset and made a terrible fuss whenever we came and went. Very strange, he is usually almost over-friendly and sees new people as a source of fun and interest. I haven't seen him for a few days, I think he is being kept in as a punishment for his disgraceful behaviour.

Oh and we won the Retro Bar quiz this week - Ian's special Dr Who themed musical quiz that is. Unfortunately I picked the worst possible prize - team Madonna CDs :( Every silver lining has a cloud. And there was no repeat of my Crimestopper heroics of the previous week - in fact, it looks like the culprit has been back for the aforementioned advert has now actually disappeared.

Special Duckie 10th Birthday party at the newly-renovated De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill-On-Sea tomorrow night - hurrah !


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