Saturday, December 10, 2005

RIP Club Le Strange

Thursday evening saw the very last Club Le Strange, the monthly comedy night hosted by the self-styled Byronic Lord Of Pop, Gary Le Strange. And, after a rather lacklustre night the previous month, I'm pleased to say he went out on a high.

I particularly enoyed the Katie Melua/Werewolf woman who certainly provided a new angle to The Closest Thing To Crazy. I absolutely despise the real Ms Melua and the dreadful safe, bland, coffee table, lift music that she produces; not only for the fact that her music is complete crap, but also for the fact that she seems to have suckered millions of people into liking it too. Shame the woman herself wasn't there, it might have given her some inspiration for a change of musical direction or something. Highlight act of the night, and rightly the last one, was dubious "children's entertainer" Jeremy Lion. A very generous man, he came armed with several bottles of wine and plastic cups and handed both out to the audience (or at least the front couple of rows). If I'd have known in advance, I wouldn't have bought that third pint. Anyway, he saved plenty of wine for himself and treated us to a drunken rendition of The Twelve Days Of Christmas, after showing us the educational snowman, that is.

Unfortunately sitting next to an ill Ian for two hours seems to have rubbed off on me; I started feeling ill myself at work on Friday afternoon and got progessively worse during the evening so that has scuppered my plans for going to Duckie this weekend. As I now seem to be improving, it looks like I'll be fit and well by Monday morning, just in time for work. What a considerate virus. Still, with the Retro Bar Xmas party next Thursday, if I'm going to be ill, it's probably best to get it over and done with now.


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