Sunday, January 08, 2006

Where's My Telly ?

Have spent a friutless Sunday afternoon at home, waiting for Comet to deliver my new TV. They were meant to come between noon and 6pm. Guess what - they didn't. Just before 6 I tried to call their customer service helpline to see if it was on its way, only to get a recorded message saying it closes at 5 on Sundays. How convenient. So now I have to wait until tomorrow before phoning up and trying to rearrange. I am also going to ask for the delivery charge to be refunded and for the delivery people to connect it when they finally do bring it (an option I didn't originally ask for). They can only say 'no', in which case I'll chase them for suitable compensation afterwards. Not only that, Gareth now tells me they also contribute vast sums to the Tory party.

To paraphase their little slogan: "Comet - You Know Who Are Scum".


Blogger Gareth said...

What I found amzaing was that you had no idea that the chairman contributed so much dosh to the Tories.

Mon Jan 09, 07:05:00 pm  

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