Friday, April 21, 2006

Back From the North

I do apologise for my tardiness in updating this thing....a two month gaps between posts really is taking the piss somewhat. Perhaps some of you were worried the trauma of turning 39 had sent me to an early grave. But no, I am still here and have just returned from an excellent 8-day holiday in Glasgow.

As well as sightseeing and normal holiday stuff, I also spent some time looking round the two best residential areas (West End and South Side) to see what they might be like to live in - and it's certainly strengthened my resolve to move up there at some point. I have a cunning plan which requires the co-operation of my employers - basically I would like to go part-time and work a couple of days in the London office and a couple more from home, where home would be Glasgow not London. It's mad, but it might just work! It would be nice if property prices could go up a little bit in London and/or down a bit in Glasgow in the next couple of years.

Back to the holiday itself, hopefully I'll get some photos onto flickr in a week or two, perhaps not has many as I would like as I had a bit of a disaster one day with my water bottle leaking and drenching my camera, hence one of the two films may not come out. My decision to rely solely on disposable cameras has been vindicated though. I hope they come out though because my pictures of Stirling Castle were on the possibly-damamged one; this is an excellent place to visit, and provides the opportunity for several stunning photos. It's on the edge of the city (though still walkable from the train station) and as such has lots of spectacular gardens and countryside around it, unlike Edinburgh Castle which is in the middle of the city.

Talking of Edinburgh, I spent a day there as well, mainly to visit The Real Mary King's Close. This is a series of streets, passageways and houses below modern-day street level and well worth a visit - you even get told a ghost story at one stage in the tour. And back in Glasgow, I also went on a tour of Hampden Park, Scotland's international football stadium. It would have been nice if the showers in the changing rooms were being used by Queens Park FC (who use Hampden as their home ground) whilst we were being shown round, but I guess you can't have everything.

And despite having an undeserved reputation for being a violent, run-down city, Glasgow has a very large number of parks and gardens; Kelvingrove Park and the Botanic Gardens are certainly worth having a wander round - though like most outdoor things in Scotland, you need to dodge the showers! Actually, I was quite lucky with the weather, there were several light bursts of rain but no prolonged torrential downpours - another stereotype smashed!


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