Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Pimms, Anyone ?

Today, due to my lovely employers, I spent the day in Henley-On-Thames, it being the site of our other UK office. This was ostensibly for a team-building session in the morning (I work in a team of 8, 4 of whom are based in London & 4 in Henley), but unlike the other two times I've been to that office, today I actually got to see a bit of the town itself as we went out for lunch.

And a very picturesque place it is too; very typically English in the most traditional sense, full of well-preserved historic buildings and we had a nice stroll along the river edge to get to our restaurant. This too was in keeping with the rest of the town, I suspect it was originally some sort of old barn, stables or farmahouse, lots of wooden beams across the ceiling, some beautiful old fireplaces plus other original features a-plenty. After a long, leisurely lunch we strolled back through the town to the office to do a token hours "work" for appearances sake. In some ways I would have liked to have stayed there a bit longer to have a really good look around, on the other hand I can imagine that after a certain period of time, it's Olde Worlde feel will start to convince me that everyone is racist/sexist/homophobic/xenophobic (delete as appropriate) - yes, it also has a hint of being The Land That Political Correctness forgot. Oh, and in the summer it's the venue for the Henley Regatta rowing thingy, and as such probably gets overrun with neighing and braying Hooray Henrys and Sloaney women. Thank God for civilisation!


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