Wednesday, September 21, 2005

When (Elvis) Was (Johnny)

Oh dear, I made a rather large blooper last night. For a big(gish) money quiz, The Retro Bar was surprisingly deserted, and just 9 teams participated in an especially tricky little quiz containing 18 songs with brackets in the title plus a further 2 without, just to add an extra bit of confusion in. We managed to get a creditable 14.5 out of 21 being quite successful with the bracketing, but you also had to identify the band or artist who was performing each of the songs. Well, the fall from grace came when I confidently decided that the distinctive voice crooning away was Johnny Cash. It turned out to be Elvis Presley. Wendy duly humiliated me during the answers; I, demonstrating team spirit aplenty, immediately tried to shift all blame onto Gareth and Doug, with little success.


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