Sunday, September 04, 2005

Shop 'Til You're Hot

Looks like it's going to be another steamy day in the capital (and hopefully the last of the summer), so I am in two minds about doing one of my least favourite pastimes - shopping. Friends may disagree, but I would say I'm not generally an extravagant person. I'm not continually buying new clothes, gadgets, fast cars, designer labels, and my credit card bill is paid off in full every month rather than continually being pushed to the maximum. In fact, such is my lack of enthusiasm for "retail therapy", I tend to wear/use things until they are about to fall to bits - meaning sometimes the need for new purchases falls somewhere between necessary and essential. Having decided not to venture to the shops last Tuesday (again due to the heat), I'm going to bravely put my best foot forward today.

These are the things I want to buy - if not now then in the next few months - in descending order of necessity:

1) Watch
2) Bedroom Curtains
3) Gym Socks
4) Jeans
5) Bedside Table Lamp
6) Lampshade
7) Widescreen LCD TV with integrated Freeview

OK, so the last one's not strictly necessary. But my current TV is over 10 years old and can thus justifiably be replaced, and I'm getting increasingly fed up with new things being shown first on BBC3 or E4 or whatever other digital channel, and knowing I'm going to have to wait several weeks or months before they finally deign to show themselves on terrestrial. I want to see the new Nighty Night series now!


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