Friday, September 02, 2005

Turn The Heat Off NOW!!!

As Throwing Muses once sang, "summer's gone, summer's over". Well, at least you would expect that to more or less be the case in the UK come September. So why is it still so hot ? 32C last Wednesday, 28C predicted for Sunday. London is not a nice place in hot weather, no aircon on the tube, and living in what I suppose you would call an "attic flat" I get the sun beating down on my living accomodation all day, whilst simultaneously acquiring the rising heat from the two flats below me. I hope all the scientists are wrong about global warmimg, however I suspect they are not. But for now, if you're reading this Mr Weather-Controller-God, please turn it down a bit. It doesn't have to be cold, 20C will do. For now.

Having said all that, there are of course certain aspects of summer which please me. For example, some scaffolding has just appeared in front of the mansion block opposite me. And scaffolding can only mean ONE THING. No, not easier access to upper floors for burglars, but BUILDERS. Or perhaps, painters and decorators, or other tradesmen. And the warmer the weather, the more clothes they remove whilst working. Every cloud, as the saying goes....


Blogger Gareth said...

God two posts in and you are already moaning.
Count your lucky stars yo won't get flooded out.

Fri Sep 02, 08:49:00 pm  

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