Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's The Quiz Of The Week

Last night, being a Tuesday, saw me at the Retro Bar for the pop quiz. Having actually not been there that often of late due to pathetic reasons such as being tired or it being "too hot to move", attendance was necessary last night due to the quiz being set by Ian. This did of course mean that because he was in the DJ booth playing the music we couldn't benefit from his extensive knowledge when it came to writing down the answers.

Nevertheless, myself, Gareth and Doug - aka The Social Piranhas (in homage to Jill from Nighty Night) - turned in a solid performance scoring what would normally be a modest 11.5 out of 20. We came unstuck in a rather long round containing the same question: Did this song get to Number 1 in the UK only; US only; Both; Neither ? Who would have ever guessed that M's Pop Muzik was a US Number 1? But it was and it turned out that the winning score was only 14ish, so we actually did really well even though I say so myself. It was also good to hear the theme tunes to Magpie and The Liver Birds. Even better - free beer! We finally claimed our prize for winning a couple of weeks ago, in the form an ice bucket which was not only full of bottles of lager but also came in useful for cooling sweaty foreheads.

A very good night then all in all. Just don't mention The Dooleys.


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