Sunday, March 04, 2007


Well, tomorrow's the day. The letter's written after much deliberation; who'd have thought that writing a simple letter of resignation could be so fraught with confusion? Do I say how much I've enjoyed working for the company, how sorry I am to be going, why I am leaving etc ? In the end, I just did what several guides to writing letters of resignation found online (and isn't the Internet a useful thing?) suggested: keep it short and to the point. So effectively: Dear Boss, I Quit; Leaving 15th June.

The problem is now how to break the news. Office etiquette (in my office, anyway) generally seems to demand that you take your manager aside 'for a word', making sure no-one sees you doing so, nor them twigging what you are doing when actually in the process of telling him. Normally on Mondays I arrive about 5-10 minutes before him, so I should be poised ready to strike. However, out of consideration to him, I need to wait until he's actually through the door, got his coat off and PC on and had time to get a drink. But I mustn't wait too long or he may well launch into one of his interminable conversations with his boss about the weekend's football results, which will swiftly be followed by either a phone call, a meeting or other 'proper work' by which time the office will be busier and the iron will have cooled off significantly and no longer be strikeable. So you see what a delicate tightrope I have to walk between 8.10 and 8.25 tomorrow morning.

If it all goes tits up at that time, then I shall have to fall back on Plan B - namely when we have our team bleating at 11am, send him a cryptic email 15 minutes beforehand asking if we can both remain in the meeting room for 5 minutes afterwards because I 'need to have a word about something'.

Honestly, this resignation business is worse than international espionage. It's a wonder anyone ever changes jobs.

As for everything else in The Master Plan, well hopefully I should agree a price for my flat with my neighbours this week, so should be able to put the legal wheels in motion on that shortly; and I've booked the 16-21st March off work to go up to Glasgow for my first flat-viewing weekend which I hope to combine with meeting my solicitor and a tour of Glasgow's finest veggie cafes when I get a bit peckish :)


Blogger Gareth said...

The last time I resigned, I just walked into the MDs office, said I'm resigning and will leave in six weeks. Then went out to look at the solar eclipse.

Sun Mar 04, 09:01:00 pm  
Blogger Dogdriller said...

I blame Bonnie Tyler.

Sun Mar 04, 09:21:00 pm  

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